The Whispers of Fear

Though there may be some degree of truth in your whispers, you need to recognize when something is truth and when it's a lie meant to keep you from following your path. I was willing to entertain some whispers in conversation because they had a degree of truthfulness but I refused that same courtesy to others.

Time Out! Unplugging from Social Media

I've debated the idea of unplugging from social media many times over the years but have only actually done it once. Presidential elections 2016 ring a bell? I've gotten to another point where I'm considering it again. Unlike last time, when I had a very specific purpose for it, this is just a slowly simmering feeling that I've gotten since starting this new spiritual journey.

When You Pass Through the Waters

Clearly, God is with the people of Texas. He's with those who are risking their lives to help complete strangers. He's with those who are staying true to their stories, who want to share their own accounts in truth through social media, and with those who have chosen to take this time to use social media for good instead of for evil.

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