As a 30-something trying to reignite my faith, I felt called upon to blog the journey that I find myself on. My hopes are that sharing this will be the motivation, inspiration, and guidance that I, and possibly any of you who stumble upon it, need to continue the journey. I look forward to the journey and to the people that it allows me to communicate with in the process!






Some additional random tidbits about me.

I was brought up in a baptist church but stopped attending from the age of about 8 until I was about 22. I now attend a Lutheran church but, because of work, am not able to attend as much as I’d like to.

 I’ve lived in 4 different states and have moved more than 2 dozen times. I was born in Texas, spent a year in Kansas, moved to Florida when I was 10, and moved to Ohio and back to Florida when I was 20 + all of the more local moves in between.

I have an older sister and 2 younger brothers. Between them, I am an aunt to 3 nieces + one on the way and 3 nephews.

I’m presently obsessed with my family tree and discovering things from my family history. It’s been pretty eye-opening to learn that long held family beliefs about our origins were completely false. I highly recommend that people look into this because it’s amazing the things you can learn.

I’m also a hobbyist photographer who started with nature work and branched into portrait work once my friends began marrying and having children. At one point, for a few years, I was a professional portrait photographer as well.

I’m a fairly creative person and have pursued various means of expression over the years: poetry, drawing/painting, blogging, photography etc. It’s an amazing outlet that has helped me through a wide variety of circumstances.


I’m pretty much an open book so feel free to ask me anything else that you’d like to know and I’ll try to answer them for you!

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