When You Pass Through the Waters

It’s taken me several days to get my thoughts in order, to the extent that they are today anyway, so that I could write this post. I’ve been glued to the television and to various social media outlets all week for news out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and I’m sure the same is true for most of you.

I have prayed countless prayers and cried countless tears for people that I know and for the many others that I do not know. I’ve wished I could pack my bags and be on the next trip out there to do what I can to help but it’s just not an option.

It’s hard to watch things unfold from far away and not be able to be there for people as they go through, what is likely, the worst thing they’ve ever had to face. Though I cannot be there to help, I am beyond amazed at the outpouring of support Texans have received over the last few days. Neighbors helping neighbors, people traveling from long distances, some even states away, to help in any way that they can. In the midst of the devastation, the images of those that selflessly risked their lives to help complete strangers has been incredibly eye opening and has proven that God is with each and every person that has played some role in this event.

My sister shared her thoughts on the show of support that Texans have received and I wanted to share her perspective. As a Texan, my sister has seen the devastation, the determination, and bravery of the area and of it’s people. She’s seen the countless rescuers who went in of their own free will and risked their lives to help total strangers without wanting anything in return. She’s heard the rescue stories, the funny stories, and the awe-inspiring stories in the midst of the devastation. The national media is purposefully sharing more darkness than light. In fact, they’ve blatantly twisted good stories into darkness in order to create outrage where there isn’t a reason for it. Social media as well as local news stations in Texas have been vital instruments for people to get their stories out there, the good and the bad, without the hidden agenda that the national media seems to have. Using those avenues for information, people have found many more things worth being positive about in their situation than they had been able to find by watching national coverage alone.

Not only are people able to gather more coverage via social media than they are from national coverage, social media is also allowing those of us who live further away to show support to those who have been affected by this event. It’s allowed organizations to advertise nationally for monetary donations and for supplies that the people of Texas desperately need. It’s proven that the internet can be used for much more than trolling, cyber-bullying, fake news/hoaxes, and the downright evil things that some people use it for. I’m usually quite disgusted with how the internet is used so it’s been nice to watch as people channel it’s power for something better.

Clearly, God is with the people of Texas. He’s with those who are risking their lives to help complete strangers. He’s with those who are staying true to their stories, who want to share their own accounts in truth through social media, and with those who have chosen to take this time to use social media for good instead of for evil.

 His works will continue on in the good and selfless deeds of those who continue to help those in need, it will continue on in the determination to rebuild for those who have lost so much, and it will continue on in the support shown to Texas from people throughout our nation.

My prayer is that people will continue to feel His presence and will continue to trust in and seek Him now and in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Isaiah 43_2

5 thoughts on “When You Pass Through the Waters

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  1. What a perfect message! How is your family inTexas? Were their homes affected by the floods? You’re not the only one who wants to hop on a plane and go help. So, instead I will send as much money as I can to local charities.


    1. Because the storm dipped south into the Gulf and then went further East when it made it’s 2nd and 3rd landfall, my family ended up just fine. They got some rain but their area waterways were already low and they didn’t get the deluge like areas directly around the Houston-area did.


  2. a photographer friend of mine lives in Dickinson though (just outside of Galveston) and her area got hit hard too. Thankfully, she lives on the “high side” of the city and, at last check, the water hadn’t made it into her house and she was okay too.


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