31 Tidbits – Part 2

This is the second, and final installment, of the series 31 tidbits about me. Part 1 of the series can be found here: 31 Tidbits About Me part 1

As a whole, the 31 series is in honor of my 31st birthday (Aug 9) and will run through the month of August. If you’ve missed the others, check them out here: 31 Bible Verses and 31 Prayer Prompts.

Now, on to the tidbits!


Thunderstorms are my favorite! Storm chasing and photographing lightning are the highlights of my summer!

Criminal Justice major

I’d love to be able to travel to Iceland. Photographing that scenery would be amazing!

I love to play board and card games. Games nights with friends and family are the best nights!

I keep a few game apps on my phone for the times when I can’t schedule a game night with others’.

land owner

A top item on my bucket list would be seeing and photographing Northern Lights.

Ancestry search revealed that my family came from the Netherlands, converted to Lutheranism during the Reformation, and migrated to the US in the 1600’s. We thought we were Irish and Native American…

I’d love to be able to travel to my ancestral home to see if I can’t find more details on their lives in the Netherlands before their migration to America.


Perhaps outdated but, I’ll still shell out for a good old CD if the music’s good!

I’ve been known to binge-watch more than a few tv shows on netflix! It’s one of my go-to’s for relaxing on my days off when the weather prevents me from going outside.

I’m an outdoorsy girl. Schedule and weather-permitting, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

outdoor dates

I run a FB group to share information on local missing person’s in my area. Not only does it ensure more eyes are on their flyers but it has educated people on the real dangers of human-trafficking in our area.

Through my involvement with missing persons’, I have learned of our areas foster care system and the struggles that children and parents face. It’s been eye-opening and has increased a desire to raise awareness specifically for their cause as well.

and…last but not least!

met amazing people



Hopefully this has been enlightening and entertaining for all those who took the time to read about me. Thanks for stopping in!


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    1. Well, I’m slowly running out of days for August and I only planned to do this series through this month. I haven’t had any other ideas, though that may change, but if you have anything you’d like to see posted, feel free to make suggestions. 🙂


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