Verse of the Week 8/3/17

I have only recently started this process; making time to slow down, read the bible, pray, journal, blog, and follow like-minded individuals whom I’ve met along the way. I must say though that it’s already starting to have an impact on the way I express myself and it’s been especially true for my online communications and the things that I’m willing to participate in or share with friends, family, and the public.

The bible verse coupled with where this blog is about to head may seem unrelated but they’re not and I’ll try to tie it all in. At this present moment, “being ruled by the spirit” is all about starting this journey. And what comes next in this blog happens to be one of the first signs, for me at least, that the journey is starting to have the impact that it’s meant to have.

Lately, I find myself complaining less, inward and outward, over various forms of communication. I was notorious for sharing passive-aggressive and/or sarcastic memes, depressing news stories (locally and nationally) with no constructive commentary on my part, or simply complaining about life’s struggles. I fed the internet trolls and got into unproductive, but still respectful, conversations with people whom I knew weren’t open to conversation. What made this worse though was that there was no balance between the negativity that I was sharing and the positive. It was terribly one-sided and I was making myself and others miserable with what I shared and how often I was sharing it.

A friend reminded me that it’s not just about what we choose to post, it’s also about the things we choose to interact with and the people we choose to follow. Everything you interact with is shared in your newsfeed. Depending on your privacy setting this could be shared solely among your friends and family or you could be sharing all of that with everyone, including strangers, who comes across your account. Of course I’ve known about this for awhile but I never truly took it into account until recently.  Now I question any post I’m about to make, any link or post that I’m about to re-share, any page I’m about to follow/like, any reaction that I’m about to have towards the post of another because I know that my actions will be shared. If I still find myself questioning the action after I’ve made it, I undo the action.

  We’re constantly bombarded with social media and the massive amount of questionable things that trend. As much as I love facebook, television, the internet etc, I have to admit that most of what happens there is horrible for one’s peace of mind. It’s nothing but useless garbage, drama, and a purposeful drive to tear people apart from one another instead of trying to bring them together. I’d love to say that I’m going to quit it all cold turkey but I can’t. I can certainly try to avoid certain aspects of each, make sure that MY little corner of the internet is just a bit more uplifting than it’s been in the past, and make more time for God’s word though.

Surround yourself with positive things and you’ll find yourself feeling more positive, the same is true for negativity.

I’d prefer to feel positive…it’s been far too long.


Verse of the week:

ruled by the spirit

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. This blog platform is new to me, I’ve used other sites in the past, and I haven’t quite learned to navigate the notifications just yet! Thank you for commenting. I’m glad it was a timely message for you and that I followed through with sharing it. I pray that I continue to answer this calling and that we both continue to share timely messages with our readers!


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