How Do You Study the Bible? Part 1

Once I realized that I was being called back to this path I went in search of information on where to start. I’m not sure how many of you have done this but I can tell you from experience,  it can get incredibly overwhelming. Specifically, I’m referring to the various reading plans you might come across online. I have to assume that they’re likely theme-based without actually announcing that they are but, as someone who is unfamiliar with the bible, it definitely seems random.

Perhaps you were given advice on the top *insert number* books to read as a beginner. I came across several online articles that suggested you read these top 3, 5, 10 books for beginners and each explained their reasons for making the suggestion. At least this method explained their reasoning, to some degree, and avoided the sense of randomness that some of the reading plans had. I’ll give them credit for that but am still unsure of whether their approach is a good one.

From the beginning, I imagined that I’d likely read my bible cover-to-cover though. The overwhelmed feeling that I got from online research simply cemented the idea. I’m currently about halfway through The Book of Genesis as I type this. Because I’ve literally just started the process though, I could be persuaded to change my method if anyone had a compelling opinion to share with me. I’m truly curious…so…

Did you start reading your bible from cover-to-cover, did you follow a reading plan, or did you start with a certain amount of suggested books to begin with? I’d love to hear opinions from all sides and welcome them in the comments!


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